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The Berkshire Driving Instructors (BDI) was founded in 2008 from the previous Radia and DSPA  groups. We are a not-for-profit organisation with a Committee of Volunteer ADIs providing the facilities to help all local ADIs become the very best Driving Instructors they can be. Ultimately, we all want to make the roads as safe as possible working together towards excellent, grade A, ADI safety tuition.

As a member you have access to mutual support, regular monthly meetings with both formal speakers and social events, updates with the latest industry information and networking. Our BDI membership includes automatic lite membership of the ADINJC and Continuous Professional Development.

The BDI has a gmail group forwarding system to reach all fellow BDI members, as well as, WhatsApp, and Facebook groups. We are here to support whether you are part of a large organisation, a few instructors working together, or an independent instructor; you are not alone!

Award Winners!

We’re pleased to announce we’ve won the Intelligent Instructor bronze award for Local driving instructor association of the year.

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Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, in Reading, Berkshire.


As being a driving instructor can be very isolating, we hold relaxed social events. These are a great opportunity to get to know the other members and enjoy ourselves.

Industry Information

Most meetings we will have a guest speaker relevant to our industry. Keeping our members updated with the latest knowledge.

Industry Representation

BDI membership includes automatic lite membership of the ADIJNC. This enables us to have national representation, up to date changes to our industry and looks after our interests as driving instructors.


Membership is only £30 a year and simply to cover costs. An Early Bird Discount of £5 is available for members renewing the first week of January.
First time new members are charged on a pro-rota basis.

I have been a member since the Organization was DSPA then RADDIA now BDI and have always found having support and people to meet and chat to is a great way to keep up with the latest information.

Also over the years I have made many lifelong friends and colleagues

John Owen

The mutual back up and support has sustained me personally as well as my business, allowing me to be independent and not have to pay franchise fees to earn a decent living. It also allows me to have the facilities I need to continually improve my CPD professionally delivering quality lessons with the latest information, and it is always lovely to meet up and have some fun!

Rachel Newland